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We believe that the God who made all things sent his son Jesus to show us how to live, to die for our sins, and be raised again to reign over all creation. The church he established is a community of those saved by his grace, dedicated to changing the world for the better. We believe this is a place where each person should have the opportunity to connect, change, and thrive!


Our Sunday services are designed to be a time to connect to God in worship. We love to sing together, pray together, and hear God’s word preached powerfully.


Our small groups are a place to connect to others in friendship. We meet in homes throughout the island as well as the mainland Penang during the week.


We get together for individual Bible study with each other and believe this is where true change takes place – when you have the opportunity to sit down with someone else with the Bible open and simply talk about your life.


Ultimately, our goal is that every individual in the church would thrive – fulfilling God’s personal plan for them, becoming all God wants them to be, each being used to his/her full potential according to the Maker’s design.
We are a part of the International Churches of Christ (ICOC), a body of co-operating religiously conservative, and racially integrated Christian congregations that started in 1979 in the United States.
We have come from a history of churches that seek to restore New Testament Christianity in modern times. The early followers of Jesus didn’t see themselves as members of “this or that denomination”. They were simply disciples (followers/students) of the ultimate teacher, servants of Christ, believers who came to be called “Christians” (Acts 11: 26) within the first couple decades of Jesus’ departure. We’re trying to be “just Christians” too – living out Jesus’ teaching in everyday life, helping the poor, being involved in each other’s lives the way the first Christians were (Acts 2:42-47).

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